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about us


Travelling often?
Last minute plans?
Worried about affordable yet good accommodation?

A Simple Solution Is Only A Click Away.

Travellers today have evolved. So, have their needs and expectations. Finding the right hotel that offers unique experience that evolves with needs and choice can be cumbersome. With so many online options available, selecting the right one becomes difficult with the dilemma whether delivery will match the display or not.

But now, Obaazo offers one stop destination for all your accommodation needs with the promise of delivering an experience that matches both needs and taste. Providing India’s best budget hotels with top quality services, we provide professional services to make your experience like never before. Maintaining the highest standards of ambiance and services, Obaazo offers Hotels that offer supporting environments that delight and match the consumer mindset.

Offering all the necessary amenities and dynamic services that respond to requirements and standards, the Obaazo experience is amazing every time.

The Obaazo Palette

Obaazo is all about networking with the best in the industry. We are a diverse network of hotels in over 30 locations to take care of your wanderlust. From pent houses to villas, 3stars to 5 stars, we’ve got it all sorted for modern traveller.

The Obaazo Experience

Obaazo has tie-up with hotels that understand what the modern traveller is looking for. The guests today need variety and delight when given choices. Some look to relax, while others want to explore new lifestyles. Obaazo recognizes this need to nourish the senses and sensibilities of the modern traveller. The Obaazo Hotels do just that and more!

The Obaazo Work Culture

Obaazo is driven by the vision and creativity of each and every employee. With untiring determination, people at Obaazo are working towards providing quality stay for the all travellers, because according to us, travelling is the only thing you pay for that makes you richer in experience. We believe our entrepreneurial vision and consumer centric approach keep our talents happy, motivated and productive. Looking forward to coming in each morning, we don’t embrace change, we make change. In this highly competitive industry, we are staying ahead of the curve by using the latest technology and keeping ourselves updated. We believe that the best part of technology is seeing what the world does with it and so we let our family discover new ways to serve you.

The Obaazo Values

Team Work

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success."

We believe that working in harmony, we can cross challenges easily and achieve success.


“It takes both sides to build a bridge”

Trust in one another, in our competencies and our intentions, is the basis of all we do.

Great Peers

“People who bring out the best in you are your greatest partners”

We are a team of achievers, our folks are inspired and go-getters.

Open Culture

“Just, open communication is the best thing in the world.”

Every opinion and view is heard, respected and taken into consideration.

The Obaazo Vision/Dream

We are dreamers, we are believers and we are achievers.

With a distinctive collection and an extensive reputation for excellence, we aim at providing hassle-free, affordable and an enjoyable experience because “it is not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the way”.

To help create memories you could cherish forever, we passionately come together to provide you services that are fast, intuitive and unbiased because quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

The Obaazo Team Behind The Screen

When Hoteliers and Bankers met, they came up with something so cost efficient that would give you a wonder travel and accommodation experience. Obaazo has been built by three men who have worked relentlessly to provide you such experience. Aryan Gupta has an eight year experience in the Hotel and Travel Industry in the key departments like Operations and understanding consumer behavior. He realizes the need for providing environments to travellers that deliver personalized experience and meet tastes and desire to explore new lifestyles, products and habits. The other partners,Ritik Kumar and Vijay Sharma, hail from the Banking sector with ample experience in serving consumers. Ritik Kumar is civil engineering. He was born in vill-naurangiya po-gurwaliya West champaran Bihar and grew up in Delhi he was obtained his bachelors degree of Patna in 2014 & diploma in iimt college of engineering greater Noida 2018. They recognize the nuances of the trade and know that opportunities for sharing experiences and socializing can mean a lot to the traveller. Meeting such needs has been incorporated in the Obaazo foundations to give the consumer an unforgettable experience.

So, next time you have to book hotel, remember Obaazo.
Obaazo, Too good to be forgotten!