Indulge in Mouthwatering Delicacies in Mumbai

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is the largest urban area and is dominated by Maharashtrian food. One can easily get budget hotels in Mumbai and enjoy a trip. If you happen to stay in Mumbai, you must try out the street food there!

Vada Pav is marked as the most popular street food in Mumbai. There are several other noted street foods in Mumbai that include mouthwatering items like Panipuri, Bhelpuri, Sevpuri, Dahipuri, Sandwiches, Ragda-pattice, Pav Bhaji, Chinese bhel, idlis and Dosas – all of these are generally vegetarian dishes.

• In terms of non-vegetarian dish list, you can get omelette-pav, kebabs and fish on the streets of Mumbai.

• The variety of street food is associated with the cosmopolitan culture of the city. In the 1980s, Indianised Chinese food was an emerging trend on the streets of Mumbai.

• Other popular street food items of Mumbai include Misal Pav which is an Indian bread made of sprouted moth beans which is eaten with pav, and also vegetable frankie which is a popular and cheaper version of wraps and rolls.

• One can even taste Kulfi which is a type of ice cream and gola, a type of ice lolly. These are among the desserts and coolants found on the streets of Mumbai.

• Apart from snacks, Mumbai has several juice and milkshake bars on the roadside that offer a variety of juices and milkshakes for tourists and travellers.

• Paan, the betel leaf preparation eaten as a mouth freshener post meals in India, is also sold at Mumbai’s roadside stalls.

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