Whether you want to buy small pieces or buy some broadband, there is something for everyone in Mumbai’s shops.Purchase options are available for people in every budget in Mumbai, where you can buy goods according to your pocket.Here we are giving you information about such best shopping places in Mumbai.

Inorbit Mall, Malad 

In 2004, when Malad was developing as the main center of Mumbai’s call center, Inorbit Mall was developing as the first and the largest retail spaces, has become extremely popular in the last few years. With the biggest international fashion brand, beauty and wellness, game arcade, multiplex and food court, this mall has become a place of attraction for the people. You can pick up your groceries and household needs, keep the hypercity with the mall for shopping with food and electronics.

Link road bandra

Shoes, Jewelery, Bags and Clothes – This is all on Linking Road. Whether fancy designer brands or A-grade counterfeit goods, all available on Linking Road. You can do as much bargain here. Obviously here you are all likely to get the goods at your own cost. The café, restaurant and spa will be displayed around you, from where you can make your feet Thai massage. Theoboroma – Located on the ground floor of Link Square Mall, which is famous for the best pastries and  in the city.

Hill road Bandra

Bandra’s shopping street Hill Road is very popular among local people who want to replenish their closet. It is up to you to decide that you will go shopping in the luxurious boutique and buy the same from those who sell goods along the roadside. You can taste burgers from the Hearsch Bakery (next to Mocha Mojo Café and Holly Family Hospital) for the choice of food for which it is famous.

Himdata Market

If you love Indian dresses more then you should definitely go to Dadar’s wholesale textile market. Smallest shops, different types of dress and readymade designs, those people would love this place who like to wear different clothes every day in their wardrobe. Sarees, Salwar kameez, suits, Lehanga, Shervani and gowns or suit and even formal office clothes will be found under one roof. Prices are lower than market value

Kolaba kosbe

Mumbai’s most prestigious shopping street where everything is available for everyone. Junk ornaments, posters, art pieces, chains and everything you can imagine. If you are tired of walking, take a break and relax yourself by staying here in the popular restaurant and bakery. For Continental and Chinese, Leopold Cafe, and sweets, visit Theobroma Pastisserie & Chocolaterie.

Palladium Mall

Situated in the popular High Street Phoenix Mall neighborhood, Lower Parel, Palladium is a hub of high fashion and luxury. Here you will find new collections of Jimmy Chu, everything is found in palladium. If you have money in your purse, here you will be satisfied and happy.

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