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Ranikhet, widely known as ‘Rani’s field’, is a beautiful hill station of Almora district. According to folklore, Padmini, the beautiful queen of the Kumaon region came to Ranikhet and the beauty of this place became convincing.Therefore, his husband, King Sukhhadev, built a palace at this place and gave it the name of ‘Ranikhet’. Although there is no archaeological evidence for this palace, the story in every nook and corner of Ranikhet is still alive.

Around Ranikhet

The British rediscovered this place in 1869 and transformed it into its summer residence. He established the headquarters of the British Kumaon Regiment here.He established the headquarters of the British Kumaon Regiment here. Presently, keeping the colonial legacy, Ranikhet serves as the headquarters of the famous Kumaon Regiment of The Indian Army.This wonderful place covers a massive tourism for its green forest and grasslands.Surrounded by the snow-covered hills of the charming Himalayas, this hill station is situated on the upper hills of Kumaon at an elevation of 1869 meters above sea level.

Located 60 km from Nainital and 50 km from Almora town, Ranikhet offers the opportunity to rest between green pine, oak and pine forests.The travelers can see different species of animals such as leopard, cockroach, sambhar, leopard cat, hill goat, Indian rabbit, red mouth monkey, pine mongoose, jackal, red fox, langur and porcupine in the forests.Apart from this, there are many tourist attractions in Ranikhet, including temples, trekking and tourist sites.

Religious place

Jhula Devi Temple and Binasar Mahadev are both one of the most prominent temples of Ranikhet. Jhula Devi Temple was constructed in the 8th century. This temple is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Durga and many pilgrims come here to pray for Goddess.Located 15 km from Ranikhet, Binasar Mahadev is dedicated to Hindu Lord Shiva. This temple is surrounded by a pine forest and there is a natural waterfall.


The Kumaon Regimental Center Museum and Monument is another well-known tourist attraction.It shows the bravery and sacrifice shown by the soldiers of Ranikhet. In 1978, a museum was also build to protect the legacy of the Kumaon area.Here the Parade is organized in honor of the soldiers who sacrificed their life for the country.


Majakhali is another popular tourist destination situated on the Ranikhet-Almora road. Travelers can enjoy breathtaking scenes of golden peaks from this place.It is an ideal place for holidaymakers, rich in hilly terrains, lush valleys and tranquil climates. Another place is the upper, which is a heaven for golfers.9-padded golf course is currently counted among the best golf courses in the country. This place presents the enchanting scene of the great Himalaya’s warlike peaks.

Chobtaia is famous for delicious apple, peach, plum and apricot gardens. Apart from lush gardens, this place is a popular picnic spot, which boasts beautiful views of peaks in the form of Nanda Devi, Nilkanth, Nandhanguti and Trishul.The travelers planning to roam in Ranikhet can be suggested to roam the Queen Lake, which is a large artificial lake, which was developed by the Cantonment Board for the purpose of collecting rain water.This Kendriya Vidyalaya and Konasa Convent School have been developed between Ranikhet and two natural lines. Located at an altitude of 7500 feet above sea level, people can enjoy boating in the lake.


Tourists can enjoy the Sadar Bazar, which is the main shopping center in Ranikhet. There are many restaurants and hotels in the market area. People, coming here can buy items related to culture and exclusive embroidery clothing.Mall is another popular and less crowded market, where travelers can buy unique tweed shawls, woolen shirts, jackets and kurtas. Handmade woolen products are also available in the market at reasonable prices.


Chaukhootia is another well-known tourist destination, which is located 54 km from Ranikhet. The river is located on the quiet side of Ramganga, the name of this place is derived from a Kumaon word ‘Cho-Khut’, which means four feet.Four feet for this place are referred to by four routes. The first route goes to Ramnagar, the second goes to Karna Prayag, the third Ranikhet and the fourth goad.This fourth route can be reached at a place called Khera. Therefore, this space provides easy accessibility to the entire area.

Mountain biking and tracking are the most popular adventure sports, which can be enjoyed in Ranikhet. Other attractions of Ranikhet are Dwarahat, Bear Dam, Tadikhet, Kumaon Regiment Golf Course, Cantonment Ashes Park, Sunset Point and Khunt. There are also places to visit in Sitakhet, Jorasis and Khairana.

How to go Ranikhet

Ranikhet is well connected to other parts of the country by air, rail and road.

Ranikhet’s weather

The area remains a moderate climate throughout the year. This beautiful destination is considered ideal for walking around in the summer season. Travelers can also visit here during monsoon because the climate here is pleasant.

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