Bangalore or Bengaluru, The silicon valley of India is not only known for its rich, diverse culture but is also the nation’s leading IT exporter. The city houses headquarters to various leading  Indian technological Organisations namely ISRO, Wipro, HAL and Infosys. Many research and famous educational institutions like the national institute of fashion technology(NIFT), National law school of India University(NLSIU), national institute of mental health and Neurosciences(NIMHANS) are also the gems in the city.

Not only a hub of highly educated workforces in the country, but Bangalore has also been ranked 3rd in the list of world’s top ten cities to visit because of its famous ancient heritage. People also say it as the garden city of India because of its lush green parks such as Lal Bagh and Cubbon park. Mark your travel calendar with Bangalore and luxuriate yourself in best hotels in Bangalore.

The vibrant and divergent culture of the city can be best seen and experienced at the fairs and festivals organised and celebrated throughout the year. Some of the must-visit occasions in Bangalore are:


 The eminent festival celebrated in the honour of the Lord Ganesha stretch for two weeks. The event is the celebration of the birthday of Lord Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. Lord Ganesha, an epitome of wisdom, good fortune and prosperity. This is a not to miss out festival so extend your vacations and bookings at the hotels in Bangalore.


The celebration of the commencement of the spring season, this festival is celebrated in all states of south India. The day marks by offering prayers in the houses as well as the temples, decorating of cows and bullocks, and a delicious meal made of rice, Pongal is served to the animals.  This festival is a must visit and dives you into the essence of the culture of the city, so plan your visits during the festivities of Pongal by booking your stays at best hotels in Bangalore.


The day signifies new year in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka in India. The day marks by making patterns on the floor by colour called rangoli, hanging of the mango leaves on doors, giving out gifts and charity to the poor and visiting Hindu temples. When out on vacation in Bangalore, don’t forget to indulge yourself in the new year celebration of the state while you relax in the best family hotels in Bangalore.

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One of the oldest festivals celebrated in Bangalore. The story revolves around Draupadi, female character in the Hindu scripture, Mahabharta.the festival signifies Draupadi as the ideal woman, and ancient scriptures say that during this festival, she comes down to earth from heaven and brims power over her devotees. The festival is being celebrated for the past 800 years.  Get acquainted with the beliefs and history of the festival on vacationing out in the best hotels in Bangalore.


Be it Dussehra or Vijayadashami; the festival is celebrated among the Hindu religion as a day of victory of good over evil .so if you are packing your bags to return to your destinations, do stay more for Navratri and enjoy luxuries in the best hotels in Bangalore. During Dussehra, Pictureshow of the Ramayana is roleplayed by the people before nine days of Dussehra marked with burning of the statuette of Ravana in the end. The picture show accompanies by small stalls of eatables and localities selling toy swords and stuff related to the festival. The main charm of the festival is the dandiya raas where people dress in colourful traditional clothes and dance with colourfully decorated sticks dancing to the traditional form of the dance form, garba.

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