A share of the national capital region of India, Greater Noida was an origin under the Uttar Pradesh industrial development act, 1976. Initially known as Noida Extension, Greater Noida is a cluster of sixteen villages. It has also been a host to auto expos in the year 2014, 2016 and 2018. The city has been planned and is being developed to provide the best quality urban environment and outstanding town planning. Book your stays at best budget hotel in Greater Noida to avoid the end time hustle. Don’t miss out on these charms of the city:

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One would have thought about boating in the waters of Italy. How about shopping midst the streets in Italy. Well, greater Noida has fulfilled your wish by bringing the essence of Italy here in Greater Noida.  The grand Venice mall is a feast to the eyes and is one of the largest shopping centres at present. The mall is all soaked up in the grandeur of Italian architecture and the city of Venice. Elegant restaurants and coffee houses are a wave of peace to the mind midst this mall. The more enthralling is the gondola ride while you snap some clicks in fashionable outfits. The TGV mall is a one-stop destination that has something for everyone in it. Before heading out in Greater Noida book your rooms through luxury hotel booking website.


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Indian motor racing circuit, whose name is on the district where it is, was officially inaugurated on October 18, 2011. The track was designed by German architect and racetrack designer Hermann tilke. The circuit got famous during the formula one race hosted in October 2011. With a stretch up to 5.13 km, the estimated cost to build the circuit was 20 billion. Extended over an area of 874 acres and a seating capacity up to 110,000, BIC also got honoured with “best promoter trophy” for the successful conduct of the formula one race in 2011 and 2012. Want to witness the circuit but let it be hustle free while you stay at the obaazo villas.


India expo centre is a combination of marts and exhibition facilities spread over 58 acres of land. There are 14 exhibition halls, 29 conference halls, three presidential helipads and much more. The mart is perfect for organising international conferences and exhibitions. The mart is awarded the best exhibition centre for the year 2016. The chairman of the India expo centre Mr Rakesh Kumar has been awarded super achiever award for his contribution to the handicrafts sector. Explore different events at the India Expo mart while you get relaxed in the best budget hotel in Greater Noida.


Located at the Jaypee greens golf and spa resort, the spa provides one with physical and spiritual therapies to achieve a better state of mind. Membership in the spa is also available for the ones looking out for long term fitness and wellness goals. Special offers are available throughout the month for the rejuvenation and relaxation of mind. The expert therapist at six senses offers a menu of unique treatments for a higher sense of well being. The massages from the skilled therapist help one attain body and mind balance. The Ayurveda treatments at the spa help one to get acquainted with the ancient science of life. Ease your mind with the spa while you stay at the obaazo villas.

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Greater Noida is evolving fast with an increasing number of attractions in the city. Be it the large educational institutions or big it firms, the city has it all. Do visit this part of the capital region of the country.

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