Hyderabad, one of the largest and wealthiest of India’s former princely states  had its riches from the trade of fabric, gold, steel, pearls and the most expensive diamonds. The city is the fourth most populous city of India.

Speaking of Hyderabad, one can think of Charminar, biryani, Mughal monuments and much more. The different monikers of Hyderabad are the city of Nizams, city of pearls, the Indian capital of biryani. Before planning your vacation, do book your stays at the luxury hotels in Hyderabad. Some of the recommended places and things one should surely do in Hyderabad  are:


Derived from the Urdu words, Charminar means four pillars. This historical monument was constructed in 1591 and have a mosque on the top floor. Many famous festivals like Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr are celebrated here. The Charminar is located on the east bank of the river Musi and is among the brilliant attractions of Hyderabad. To reach the top floor of Charminar, there are 149 stairs.  The structure is made up of limestone, mortar, granite and pulverised marble weighing up to 14000 tonnes. A replica of Charminar is built in Karachi by the Hyderabadi Muslims living in Pakistan in 2007. A Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Lakshmi is located at the base of Charminar managed by Hindu trust. Have a delightful breakfast at luxury hotels in Hyderabad and head to visit this historical monument with your people.


This piece of paradise is not only a delight to your taste buds but also to your nose and eyes. Biryani is an authentic dish made up of rice layered with meat, herbs and spices,  made for centuries in Muslim families. From biryani to sheer korma, this place is a food lover heaven. Haleem  made in the month of Ramzan is a unique dish and a trademark of Hyderabad. Looking out for refreshments in the evening, Iranian cafes are best, go and get a taste of Iranian tea and Osmania biscuits. Get your rooms in advance from the best hotel room booking website


Pearls and Hyderabad go hand in hand. The popularity of the pearls gets credited to the Nizams of Hyderabad. The nizams had a beautiful eye for craftsmanship and a great fondness for pearls and its jewellery and used to gift their begum’s pearl jewellery which they used to add to their collection. When the craftsmen and merchants came to know about the fondness of Nizams, they flocked to the city, and the trade flourished. Some unique designs of Hyderabad called satlada- a seven-stringed necklace and the Paanchlada-the five-layered one often embedded with American diamonds and emeralds to give it a rich look. This place is a paradise for all the shopaholics and people who have a sight for precious gems. Take your refreshments in the evening at luxury hotels in Hyderabad and head out for shopping of the jewels.


 Golconda meaning round shaped hill was initially known as Mankal. Kakatiyas first built it on a granite hill surrounded by massive battlements, and Later Qutub shahis expanded the fort. This fort used to have a vault where famous diamonds like Kohinoor were once stored. Golconda had many diamond mines and was the market city for diamond trade. The fort finally fell in 1687. On should pay a visit to this fort and get a glance at the mines while booking your stays at best hotel room booking website

This hi-tech city has not only been famous for its historical monuments and Hyderabadi biryani but is a prevailing hub to many large IT companies. So be it a business or a leisure trip, avoid the rush and book your stays now on best hotel room booking website

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