With a maximal number of millionaires and billionaires, Mumbai is the wealthiest city of India. This city is the second most populous city metropolitan area in India as of 2016. Mumbai got the name as an alpha world city in 2008. From Asia’s biggest slum to the world’s most expensive houses, Mumbai is an epicentre of fashion and entertainment.

There are three landmarks in Mumbai chosen under the UNESCO world heritage site. With the purpose of practical conservation from various factors and to preserve their historical and cultural significance, these landmarks are legally protected by international treaties. Mumbai is an abode to three world heritage sites namely the Victorian gothic and art deco ensembles of Mumbai, the elephant caves and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja terminus. Get stances of these world famous heritages while you book your stays at luxury hotels in Mumbai.


Nestled in the western coast of the Elephanta Island, it beholds many historic archaeological remains from as early as the 2nd century. The caves contain rock cut out sculptures related to Hindu and Buddhist religions. The stone carvings narrate mythologies of the Hindu tradition. This island of caves was formerly known as Gharapuruchi Leni. Get your eyes feasted on the mesmerizing views of the elephant caves with your leisure stays at budget hotels in Mumbai.


Formerly known as Victoria Terminus, this world heritage site serves as the headquarters of central railway. This masterpiece of architecture was designed by Frederick William Stevens based on the concept of Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival architecture in 1887. It has a total of 18 platforms and has also been a site for the shooting of various famous films like the Slumdog Millionaire, Jai ho and Ra One. Get acquainted with the style of architecture at this famous heritage site while you get relaxed at best hotels in Mumbai.

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Designed in the renaissance revival style in 1872 as Victoria and Albert museum, it inhabits more than 3500 objects including photography, maps, textiles, books, manuscripts, weaponry and beautiful pottery reflecting Mumbai’s history. The museum got renovated in 2008 with chandeliers, ornate columns and many more. It also has a cafe and a plaza featuring contemporary music, dance and drama. Get stances of the ancient times of Mumbai with your leisure stays at luxury hotels in Mumbai.

Formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai is a jumble of seven islands on the coastline of Konkan. This city of glamour and hope, it also has some of the mesmerizing locations like the marine beach where one can sit back and relish the cool breeze and rustling waves on the shore. The most iconic tourist location in Mumbai is the gateway of India and the beautiful Taj Mahal Hotel that will surely make you reminisce your vacation. Do visit this land of dreams and get comforted at the best hotel in Mumbai.

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